by Baseball Gregg

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timid0 Another great album buy these dudes, its the type of alternative indie Ive been looking for, and they nailed it! Favorite track: Blurred.
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How much a band can change in five years? Especially when the band is living 12000 km apart.

Five years is both a short and a long amount of time. Five short years ago in December of 2013, Luca and I (Sam) recorded the first song we ever made together. Even before the concept of Baseball Gregg existed, this first song we recorded had dual citizenship, divided between Italy and America. Since then we have continued each year to make a Christmas song, yet rather than collaborating on the songs together in the same bedroom in Bologna we have worked remotely via the internet.

When I listen to these songs all collected together, each song feels like a journal entry, each song brings back a specific memory, each song is my own little "ghost of christmas past.” I can place these memories in order and really appreciate how much I have changed as an individual, and I hear this personal growth reflected in the growth of our music. When I look at it this way, five years feels like forever. I hope to never stop growing and learning as a human, and I hope to never stop growing as a musician, and in this way, five years feels short. It's just the beginning.

Gifts - six holidays songs by baseball gregg, one written each year from 2013 to 2018, recorded together from two very distant bedrooms. a journey through time following the wandering path the band has followed during these five years.
You can listen, stream, download Gifts for free.
Happy holidays from baseball gregg <3


released December 21, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered in our bedrooms in Bologna and California, from 2013 to 2018:

2013 - Bleach
2014 - Rebel
2015 - Cyber
2016 - Blurred
2017 - Fireside
2018 - Elettrodomestici


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Baseball Gregg Stockton, California

Baseball Gregg is a pop duo from Stockton by way of Italy.

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Track Name: Bleach
Gold streaks in his white beard orange spots on his red suit, Santa's on the beach without the sea. No more filthy raindeer no more dingy chimney shoots, teeth white as the northern star it's his epiphany

Vacation time for santa is nigh, deep red eyes he's feeling so high

Bathing in the Rays of his own hot white heat, 'laxing on the ground he's having fun. In the summer sand the snow melts off his feet, light obscures his eyes Santa's won
Track Name: Rebel
I've done nothing good
all year
Not acting like I should
Oh dear
I've been oh so mean
and if I don't come clean
On the naughty list I'll be
This year
I'm a rebel without a clause!
Track Name: Cyber
You're right Bismarck
I fear that you may not
That right now
You're dead

This car is broken
We're lost in the snow
This Christmas, as always, is hecka sad

I'll buy some presents
A shitty pair of shoes
Do I prefer to get things online?
It's cyber monday
I want to get involved
In a fight for a discounted fridge
Track Name: Blurred
Everything is so white it blinds my eyes
I must emphasize
While my complexion attracts eyes
Folks try to analyze
Everything is so fake it blurs my mind
Let your body unwind
This is the last time you'll see me alive
Next time other side
It's Christmas and I feel sad
It's Christmas and I feel bad
But even if I miss you and I don't know what to do
Have a Merry Christmas you too
Track Name: Fireside
Out for a quick trip around the block for a walk, that's when this storm hit we'll brave this weather together

Winters cold has numbed our toes, and our clothes are soaking wet, but now we're inside drying off in the heat of the fireside

We'll be alright, drink tea with molasses till it passes. We'll stay inside all night, feels like forever together
Track Name: Elettrodomestici
La viola è un colore tristissimo
Non voglio dire che sia di una tristezza banale
O adolescente

È una tristezza molto matura
Ma allo stesso tempo
Molto grave

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